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复杂天然产物全合成 / Total Synthesis of Natural Products

Total Synthesis Highlights

  • 2022-05-03-Asymmetric Total Syntheses of the Akuammiline Alkaloids(-)-Strictamine and (-)-Rhazinoline. Contributor: Xiaoli Zhao [Download PDF] 

  • 2022-04-26-Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (−)-Phaeocaulisin A. Contributor: Tingrong Zhang [Download PDF] 

  • 2022-04-05-Concise Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Daphenylline Enabled by an Intramolecular Oxidative Dearomatization. Contributor: Shuguang Xie [Download PDF]

  • 2022-03-29-Bioinspired Total Synthesis of Erectones A and B, and the Revised Structure of Hyperelodione D. Contributor: Tingrong Zhang
    [Download PDF]